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Politically Correct

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An attitude much derided on ARRSE's discussion forums. To be 'politically correct' is to vocally subscribe to the kind of values which would not be out of place in the Diversity Monitoring Department of a leftist local authority or community college. A few examples include:

  • We must not laugh at the physically or mentally disabled, however amusing their afflictions might be.
  • Celebrating Christmas or Easter might offend our Jewish/Muslim/Hindu/Zoroastrian etc etc colleagues, however much they might like a nice party too.
  • Women can change light bulbs, fan-belts, plugs and fuses, but it is a brutal form of patriarchal aggression to ask them to do so.
  • Women don't enjoy taking part in scenarios inspired by 'Rocco does Jenna 2'
  • Children are to be protected from EVERYTHING and that includes revenge or the Law when the nasty little feckers put a brick though your window or a crossbow quarrel through the cat, smuggle drugs, knife/shoot each other or kill some tramp 'for a laff'.
  • Immigrants are not a drain on UK society, they enrich the multicutural society in the Job Centre while claiming their unpaid for benefit.
  • Homosexuality is not a sin, a crime or unnatural and should be taught as normal if not the preferred gender alignment to every 5 year old in the country.
  • Pikeys do not steal everything that isn't bolted down into reinforced concrete, they merely have a cultural/ethnic bent towards recycling property which might otherwise be unused.

The Final Blow to Free Speech

The above are now disturbingly enshrined in a 'prosecute everyone' law via Harriet Hatemen's Equalities Bill. This law is so divisive and poorly scripted that even gay groups are raising concerns over the Bill. Quite simply it is now illegal to joke or speak ill about anyone for any reason be it race, gender, sexuality, religion, age or background. Calling Gordon Brown a one eyed, cretinous, scottish cnut ... is punishable by 50 years in the big house even if it is totally accurate!

This has resulted in the toning down of the ARRSE NAAFI which now discusses only soft furnishings and episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The only good thing about the law is that Jim Davidson's act is finally a criminal offence.

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