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The aim of the ARRSEpedia is to provide a useful, informative and amusing site for people with an interest in the British Army. It is the collection of many thousands of years-worth of experience, as well as the sharper end of military humour.

Link to ARRSE

Whilst the ARRSEpedia is not directly linked to ARRSE (i.e. you can be a member of one without holding membership of the other), the Administration of the site falls in line with the Policies and Procedures laid down for ARRSE.


The structure of the Wiki is such that there is no clearly-defined Safe zone. Any page could contain information that some people may find offensive. To that end, users are hereby warned that the pages of the ARRSEpedia may contain content unsuitable for Minors. Having said that, it is moderated and the following is totally unacceptable:

1. Breaches of Operational Security (OPSEC).
2. Use of real names.
3. Hardline extremist views, racism in particular will be stomped on.
4. Trolling of any sort.

Informative Pages

The vast majority of pages within the ARRSEpedia are informative, some may contain a little dry humour, but overall the content is perfectly acceptable. If a page falls into this category, the following will not be tolerated:

1. Pointless editing with no useful information.
2. Defacing pages
3. Significant swearing or abuse.

Less serious pages

The other half of the ARRSEpedia is devoted to humour, comedy and fun! The topical content will be given more scope, although the rules regarding OPSEC, Real Names and extreme views still apply. The Moderators reserve the right to remove anything they consider is not in the spirit of the ARRSEpedia without having cause to justify themselves. This explicitly INCLUDES Trolling.


The moderators exist to ensure that the site is managed in accordance with the policy detailed above, and to ensure that the ARRSEpedia is kept in some semblance of order. They are NOT there to continually roll back pages upon pages because somebody took offence at their entry being edited and went on the rampage (see Trolling!!)

Blocking Policy

Polite Version

Generally speaking, one should aim to remain within the established Arrsepedia policy at all times.

Transgressions can be expected to attract formal warnings.

As with most things in life, respect the rules and other users.

Impolite Version

The policy is quite simple - don't be a cunt. Or a spammer. Or Blondebint or Lawstudent.


Any complaints regarding the Moderation or content of any page should be addressed, in the first instance, to a Sysop/Moderator.