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Police Force

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The organisation which is responsible for the general state (or rather lack) of law and order in Britain. The police are now generally a reactive rather than preventative organisation. Doors and bolted horses spring to mind.

The UK police forces 'do a good job' [yawn] when they are allowed; however they seldom are - preferring to kowtow to ever changing governmental policy. They do make some monumental errors of judgement, which is only fair when one considers some of the mongs they recruit and the insane rulings they (quite happily) abide by!

Poor bastards do have to apply the HUGE number of new laws inflicted on the UK populace by a series of insane Home Secretaries (3,000 new laws in less than 10 years). No wonder they cant find their arrses with both hands, a helicopter and 10 CCTV cameras.