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Living Room

Ze Germans lust after this East European country (or the ground it occupies) in the same way your next door neighbour lusts after your conservatory and patio. They've been after it since medieval times (Teutonic Knights) and last had a go on 1st September 1939.

Poland was an ally during the Second World War but became a member of the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War. With the fall of communism, they have now become an Ally again. You just sometimes wish they could make up their mind as they are getting as bad as France although do they surrender less and are perfectly willing to come over here and be fighter pilots (in wartime) or plumbers (in peacetime).

My local JD Wetherspoons (and probably yours as well) currently stocks 3 Polish beers: Okocim, Tyskie and Zywiec. Worth trying. Also likely to stock hot eastern european babe as barmaid ... also worth trying. They have few inhibitions ... so I'm told.