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1. Urine, i.e. that liquid which regularly comes out of the bottom end of the torso. Not to be confused with fizzy gravy, hot white coconuts shaken from the veiny love tree (aka grumble mayo), or, in women, any form of vaginal discharge or fanny batter.

2. The act of urinating. The act of urination is generally referred to as Swamping.

3. On the P. Leaving ones abode with the sole intention of not remembering how one returned. A suitable occasion to experience this for yourself was during Operation Market Hardon, which took place in Amsterdam. Lest we forget the missing in action.

4. Taking the P. Extracting the urine, ripping the shi­t, making frightfully witty and astute comments about one's oppo.

5. Most lager, particularly Heineken, wifebeater, XXXX, Fosters, and anything called "beer" in another language.

6. Pish (Trans) Urine a la Jockanese.

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