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Pip the dog wonder

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Pip the Dog Wonder was, until his sudden and untimely demise in a freak yachting accident, the unofficial mascot of Rear_Party and the constant companion of Dale_the_snail

His obituary (courtesy of IrishDoris) reads thus;

"As hard though it is to type this, i feel it is my duty to report upon the sad loss of Pip, the most wonderful of wonder dogs. Even though it is tearing my heart out writing this, I will attempt to give you just some of the details. My heart would break if I were to type any more

Pip, beloved boy of the Slugster, was enjoying a yachting holiday with his mum in the Maldives. The pina coladas were flowing and pip was enjoying the weather, bathing in the glorious sunshine. When Pip went to relieve himself over the side of the boat after one too many drinks, he spotted on the distant shore some particularly menacing looking rabbits. These rabbits were ferocious looking creatures, snarling at him and frothing at the mouth. It was like something out of a spaghetti western, the angry looking rabbits staring at him and pip, cool as a cucumber, staring right back. According to a witness who could speak rabbit, they started to taunt him and it was after a particularly lurid insult about his mum that pip acted. Pip, not one to back down from a fight, took the insult about his bleoved slug to heart and charged towards the menacing mob over the side of the yacht. Unfortunatly, due to the copius amounts of drink consumed earlier in the afternoon, Pip had forgotten that they were in the middle of the ocean. Bravely, pip fought his way towards the rabbits through the briney water but the waves overpowered him and he sank through the water to his death.

We can hold out one hope however. Pip's body has yet to be found. Whether he will reappear in a Harold Bishop from Neighbours type scenario is yet to be seen but we live in hope."

His mum was last seen crying into a bottle of red wine shouting "Why me, why me? All he wanted was cuddles and a little treat, and I denied him it, I kept giving him rabbits to stare at.

Pip the dog is dead, long live the Pipster.....

I'm sorry for your loss Missus. Can i have his collar and lead for the Monkey? Beebs x

No, nice try (Gets red wine and biffters and tissues)......