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Another 'import' from the US, piefinding is a comparatively recent trend. Piefinders are invariably rather obese individuals with a penchant for wearing military attire - a rather oxymoronic state of affairs.

It should be emphasised that piefinding is totally beyond general waltdom, and certainly well in excess of being just another bluffing cnut in the pub with a war story. It really has to be experienced first hand to be believed. There's nothing quite like a 20st.mong big timing it as a SS Standartenfuhrer to put a smile on one's face - like Rob St Pier for instance.

These sad clowns can usually be found at country fetes or airshows. But the Mecca for any self-respecting piefinder is the annual War & Peace Show at Beltring, Kent.

Find them here and be amazed: Piefinders International