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  • McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. Twin-engined, Supersonic Multi-Role/Interceptor used by many of the World's air forces including the RAF/FAA. Originally came with no gun - then the spams decided that you had to Id your opponent with the Mk 1 eyeball thus negating its radar homing missle. Cue the SUU-23 Gun Pod being added back on! (Just like wot will happen with the Typhoon). Now largely obsolete though still capable and a decent Fighter today. Has been replaced by the Tornado F3 in RAF service.

The only Gun-Nosed Phantoms are the F-4E and F-4F, Should have been used in the US Navy/RAF/FAA who never had them. These are easily recognised with their longer noses with Vulcan Guns installed underneath in front of the nose landing gear.
I had a Dinky? metal model of a Phantom as a kid. It fired its belly mounted fuel tank as a stand off missile (spring loaded). Never worked out why it should do that! (Neither did the Armourers at Wildenrath!)

Replaced by the F-14 Tomcat In the US Navy.

  • Also a little fat man in a mask that loiters around the opera.