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Rising from the surrounding Cambridgeshire fens like a large, risey thing, Peterborough resembles Istanbul from a distance. This is due to the proliferation of mosques that have popped up over the past few years. The sunlight gleaming off the green domes is a sight to behold allegedly, and had they been knocked up a couple of hundred years or so ago, then doubtless some poetic type would've waxed lyrical about them.

Peterborough is a dirty, nasty place inhabited by chavs. It is also (allegedly) a good night out - as long as you manage to avoid getting stabbed. In fact for a good night out don't go to Peterborough. In Queensgate on a Saturday it's rare to hear English spoken. Only go into Peterborough if you have A10 topcover, body armour and an SA80 with 10 mags.It has a rather nice Cathedral - for the moment at least... or until someone gets offended by it.

Home of these chaps: 200 Headquarters Squadron and 158 Tpt Regt Workshops REME