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Personal Role Radio

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Personal Role Radio

Personal Role Radio ([[PRR]) is a small transmitter-receiver that allows infantry soldiers to communicate over short distances - even through thick cover or the walls of buildings - without shouting, hand signals or relaying messages. PRR enables section commanders to react quickly,aggressively and efficiently to rapidly changing situations including contact with the enemy - greatly increasing the effectiveness of infantry fire teams. It also supplies every soldier in an infantry platoon an anonymous, disembodied voice with which he can whisper in the ear of his comrades at inopertune times. PRR is issued to every member of an eight-strong infantry section, and will be available to other troops in due course.

They however lack the use of being able to call upon Para's, but then again they couldn't find their own arseholes with two hands, let alone a bunch of monkeys!

Examples of PRR Abuse

  • (Cueing for scoff)
    • PRR: "I see dumb people."
    • Platoon Sgt: "Oi! I can hear you!"
    • PRR: "Yes, but can you see me!?!"
  • (Searching a LEC) "He likes that, doesn't he? He wants you..."
  • (As the CSM finishes a rant) "Dum dum dum dah dadum dah dadum (imperial war march)"
  • (As the helibedford turns around for the fourth time in an hour, horribly lost in the woods) ... (Benny Hill theme played from a mobile)
  • (As the driver gets out and walks off into the woods) "Bmmff...bmfff...bmfff...bmff"
  • (Waiting to spring a deliberate ambush)
    • PRR: "Are there any happy bears out there?...Are there any happy bears out there?...Has anyone seen any happy bears out there?"
    • Sgt: "Whoever that is, if you don't shut up right now, I'm going to drag you round the harbour by your scrotum...(rant, rant)... understand?"
    • PRR: "Well, you're not a very happy bear are you?"