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Personal Clothing System

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The replacement for CS95, in a modernised pattern and only available in MTP.

See [1] for more details, but in short: A well designed uniform with more hidden pockets than Harry Houdini which has been spoiled a bit by being knocked up in Far-Eastern sweatshops from the cheapest material. For a brief few months the clothing system was worn in a manner for which it was originally designed and most effective -Down and Out... Then the RSM's of the British Army and Royal Marines had a shit fit as they gazed over their parade squares and saw what looked like Americans. They got together and decided it needed to be rolled up, tucked in and clobber ironed to within an inch of it's life. What followed was a mutiny among the Non-Commissioned senior ranks on a par with the Spithead mutiny, where the CGS said you wear it one way and this specific written order being countermanded on a Regimental level.

Quite frankly it would be easier to go back to the inferior C95 Shirts in barracks, and put this stuff on a shelf ready for the next war.