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Articulate, informed - commissioned type? Probably a Gunner. Recent member - April 05. Recently adopted a new avatar (spinning missile)- is this a clue - MLRS/Air Defence? What's in the name - not sure, suspect still serving so may have reached initial pension point?

Never heard of the cunt.

Outstanding Chap

May Fly Rockets

A delightful chap with arrse friends in the aa cubs. Unfortunately his love of sailors has led some to believe that the anagram of his name - porno penis nite - is not accidental.

Known as a guru of all things orientally nautical - see abacus

Some say that abacus and pensionpointer are twins separated at birth just like big Arnie Schwarz. and his twin Danny De V. (abacus is the tall, handsome, strong one obviously.) Rumour has it that if they were ever to meet in the same room a small implosion would occur creating a new universe. Others say that this has already happened.

Of course the real brains behind their nefarious on-line activities is pensionpointer;he, being the more senior of the two. Abacus, the acolyte, naturally defers to his master's superior wit and unfathomable wisdom. Sometimes so unfathomable that it may appear to the unitiated as complete rubbish. Sometimes, to please his master, abacus will dress in a boy's victorian sailor suit and recite sea shanties whilst dancing provocatively on a barrel of salted figs. This pleases pensionpointer very much and he often has to go and sit down in a darkened room for some quiet, contemplative mind exercises. However this obviously stirs his creative juices as some of his most inspirational threads have been keyed after just such an exercise. When abacus is away on one of his self-enlightenment quests (set by pensionpointer to develop the inner man), Mrs PP has to fill abacus's shoes. It is a tight squeeze into the sailor's suit and the barrel of figs is a difficult scramble but what a visual treat - sometimes pensionpointer's creative juices flow a little too freely and often abacus has to launder and repair his sailor suit on his return.

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