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The Penis is arguably gods greatest gift to the world, because lets face it, if these weren't around we wouldn't be either. Its universal fame and appeal is evidenced by the number of different names used to describe it, I'm sure you have your favourite...unless you're a lezzer, in which case penis is another name for a man

If you've actually clicked on this link because you have no idea what a penis is then you are either too young to be on this site (so piss off and get back to your playstation) or a lezzer, in which case you clicked the wrong link...again. The following actions will cure your lack of knowledge...

MEN - if you still haven't got a clue despite thousands of years of instinct and shared experiences, you are obviously a MONG (see below).

WOMEN - just get drunk in male company, there will plenty of penis owners willing to provide with all the information and practical experience you will ever need.

MONGS - yes we know god blessed you with a bigger version than everybody elses, (a misguided attempt at irony), just do us all a favour...beat yourself to death with it

WARNING - the penis is not meant to be inserted into a bottom, (not even your own, you MONG), unless you want to be known as a pervert, homo, matelot or all three.

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