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Peacekeeping Force

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Units from one or more nations inserted into a small gap between two belligerents who are just panting to give each other a shoeing. There are several possible levels of peacekeeping:

  • Can be inserted by request of the UN and thus have a legal remit for their actions. However if troops are under orders from the UN, the squaddies will be expected to wear a powder blue helmet and operate under Rules of Engagement that would embarrass a Brownie troop.
  • Should NATO be the originator of a Peacekeeping force, then the Rules of Engagement will be more robust but still somewhat restrictive (think Marquis of Queensbury rules versus UFC). Expect to be shot at rather a lot as you cower in your sangar.
  • Assuming the MOD, HM Government and the RMP's have managed to restrain their interference in operational decisions, it is likely that a British Army peacekeeping force will temper a sensible approach with a decent sized stick. Recent legal whynging and human rights complaints however are proving a problem to keeping the peace when the feckers don't want to peaceful.
  • Spam peacekeeping involves a free fire zone and as much ordinance as you can deliver. Dont worry if you slot a foreigner, as the US military will refuse to identify you or deliver you up for the inquest. If you slot a journo ... bit deal, plenty more where that came from. If you slot a civvie, its Collateral Damage.
  • Even more pathetic than a UN force is the African Union (AU) peacekeepers in the Sudan. An undermanned and under equipped force trying to police an area larger than France (sounds oddly familiar!) with little petrol for its vehicles or aviation fuel for its helicopters. Hours of form-filling take place before it can leave base to investigate reports of a violation of the peace deal it was sent to monitor. Senior officers say they have orders to report violations, not to intervene.
-We are a laughing stock here, groaned a senior officer
-They are seen as Keystone cops, nothing more than a token force. It is disgraceful to think people's lives depend on such a force. said an aid worker
-If there is fighting going on, we could get harmed . . . That is against the mandate. Major Namara Gabriel, a Ugandan officer in the force, declared.

Recently there was calls for a peacekeeping force to be inserted into Gaza to keep FATAH and HAMAS appart. The silence from East, West, Christian, Muslim, Jew and any other bugger you'd like to mention (other than the Palestinian loving BBC) was deafening.

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