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"It's all down to shouting! Baaaahhh!"

An open-ended commitment to keep two (or more) combatant groups (one side will almost invariably be muslim) apart. The muslim side will invariably break any peace/cease fire and is usually not that bothered which non-muslim it tries to slot. Peacekeeping may involve being shot at or not depending who you are closer to - the muslims or everyone else.

A Peacekeeping Force invariably involves the UN - in which case you're probably not being shot at although this may be because you arent leaving your compound much. If it involves NATO, then pound to a penny someone's having a pop at yo unfortunate white nigga ass! Exactly what you can do if shot at is defined in your Rules of Engagement.

Peacekeeping can either be a pleasurable experience, or (more than likely) not. A UN stint in Cyprus is not a bad tour, whereas Bosnia is all shit & giggles.

Peacekeeping is also the perfect excuse for Acronym Overload: UNFICYP, UNPROFOR, UNBENAF. If it's got a UN prefix, then... go figure. Even NATO is at it: IFOR, KFOR, SFOR et al.