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Paris Hilton

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Daughter in the family that own the hotels (.... Hilton hotels you thicky!).

Paris is a socialite and a party girl... in other words:

  • Thick as mince.
  • Famous for being a rabid party goer ... but not that great a goer if the internet sex tape is to be believed.
  • Has total contempt for the peasants (ie you and me) and the laws of society.

Recently got sent down for 45 days in ladies poky after having been nicked for DUI, then cautioned for driving on a suspended license and then getting caught driving drunk on the suspended license. Blamed everyone but herself but got a judge who cared not a jot for her celebrity. Tried every trick in the book to avoid any sex in the prison showers action (ie high price lawyers, pleas to the Governator for a pardon on the basis 'I am too beautiful for prison'!, an online petition to keep her out of jail on the basis that she "provides beauty and excitement" to the plebes and announcing to the media that 'prison is cruel'.

All the whyning was for naught and Paris went to the bighouse.

After being released after just 2 days due to an unspecified illness, Paris was sent back to pokey to serve her full sentence. This turnaround was mostly due to pissing match between County Sheriff and Judge as well as Paris being fashionably late repeatedly. She was dragged out of the court weeping and screaming 'Its not fair!' and 'MOM!'. The unspecified illness is thought to be the mother of all tantrums. Fox News' coverage was car crash tv at its best.

Wiki Entry for this waste of genetic material.