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Para Smock

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Smock DPM Parachutist

The World-famous Para Smock

The blurb should read 'Smock DPM Cnut (Walty) Big-Timing', as the vast majority of individuals who wear this iconic garb have never seen a bloody aircraft never mind leaped out of one.

Introduced in the mid-1970s, the voluminous smock is a throwback to the early Denison Smocks, which were meant to be worn over Battle Dress. It has four bellows-style pockets and a small FFD pouch - all fastened with press studs; woollen cuffs and a curious (externally stowed) crotch flap that has little if any use.

The jacket rates very highly on the ally scale for obvious reasons and at one time they were very hard to come by unless one had passed P Company and done the jumps. Nowadays, they're easy to source and are affordable.

As a practical field jacket they're not very good. They don't dry out quickly and the woolly cuffs make one's wrists sweat like a chunkie in a maths test in hot weather. They are, however, hard-wearing and surprisingly load bearing - the pockets can be stuffed with staggering quantities of essentials.

If shelling out, one would be better off spending one's beer tokens on a decent windproof. That said, CS95 is perfectly adequate for field use.

The smock can be worn in two distinct styles:

  • Bloused - Tucked up around the waist. Typically worn in this style with Lightweights. This is 'old school' and is rarely seen these days.
  • Unbloused - Hanging below the knees. Worn with brightly-coloured tropical kecks, this style was started by the Pathfinders of 5 Airborne Brigade and has been emulated by many since.


The wearing of this item of clothing without any valid reason could result in the wearer being torn a fresh arsehole by The Badge.

Since the introduction of MTP however, the smock has regained its previous rarity, possibly due to the new PCS smocks being a lot better, or because the smocks are actually only issued to airborne qualified personnel again.