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Pertaining to Palestine ... sort of.

The Israeli's are in possession of the area of the Levant that is Palestine. Some Palestinians are in possession of Gaza Strip. Others have the West Bank. Both sets have a chip on both shoulders and everyone in the area has enough ordnance to give George W Bush a stiffy.

It is very informative to reflect that in the 1970s, a bunch of murdering thugs in various splinter groups, formed the Al Fatah (Phantom) political movement. Led till his death (choked on a red and white tea towel) by a dodgy little toe-sucker called Yasser Arafat, they provided political arguments to justify their genocidal policies. Today they are the good guys. The heavies from Hamas are a generation further down the track to complete nihilism.

The Palestinians want all of Palestine back and are prepared to kill every Jew to get it. Well... some of them are, some are confused as to exactly what they want. At this point the whole mess gets complicated but let's just summarise it in this way:

The very word 'Palestinian' implies corruption, factional infighting, the attempted (and successful) murder of Jews, suicide bombing, use of children as shields, demands for aid (like they are somehow entitled) and whining like you wouldn't believe when the Jews dont roll over and die like they are supposed to by Allah's will. In other words a race of cluster fcuks!

And in the best traditions of brainwashing the young: The Palestinian TV show Children's club uses a bloodthirsty bugs bunny clone to encourage pre-teens to martyrdom! You couldn't make this shiite up could you? Story here.

Bizarre note: These people (who even the Arab/Muslim world treat like a turd on the Axminster shagpile) are loved and adored by the Lefties in charge of the BBC. Just another reason why the BBC should be sold to Rupert Murdock in my opinion.