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Normally spelt I s r a e l. Former British Mandated Territory inherited from Johnny Turk in the aftermath of the Great War. All was going reasonably well until Adolf Hitler fucked things up royally by trying to eradicate the Jews. Now, being annhilated is a bit naughty, so one could understand the remaining Jews of Europe wanting to get the fuck out of Dodge after the final bell of WW2 and have their own state where they could call the shots.

Anyhow, a few thousand pitched up at Haifa, the Brits took the hint, gave the whole operation over to the Yids (who still had the till receipt from God) and got the fuck out rapid before it all went Pete Tong... which it duly did, as there was plenty of Arabs already living there that didn't fancy playing second fiddle to a bunch of newly-arrived auslanders. But hey, their name wasn't on the receipt so tough titties.

Palestine, or Israel if you're one of the Chosen Few, is inhabited primarily by a large number of off-the-deep-end religious people and secular God-hating atheists with weapons. Given their large collection of the aforementioned (Uzi, Galil, Merkava etc.), an 'eye for an eye' attitude, MOSSAD and the till receipt from the Old Testament (God), who (aside from a culturally confused ethnicity loathed by their own Arabic ancestry) is going to dispute their claim?

Pale... er... Israel is in possession of nuclear weapons; they are not afraid to use them either, whether it be on attackers or even themselves to prevent Israel falling. (See Masada for the inspiration of what they've got in mind.) On the plus side the women are extremely easy on the eye and the nightlife in Tel Aviv is outstanding.

IDF-babe-1.jpg Dusky, heavily-armed maidens trained to kick butt... where do I sign up?