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Pad Brat

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Gobby, violent, Ill-mannered, undomesticated, chocolate covered, feral, offspring of a soldier that dwell on the patch and hunt in packs

Generally bloody horrible being either spoilt and pompous (Officer's kid) or violent and called Dwayne (soldier's kid). Pads brats and military families in general benefit enormously from their fathers being away for 70% or the time, despite the fact that the Army does NOT suffer from overstretch. Soldiers' Pad Brats typically show signs of regular back-handed slaps to the side of the head; officers' Pad Brats have generally spent so long at boarding school - sent there to facilitate their parents' swinging married patch lifestyle - that they don't always recognise their parents.

Your less discerning Squaddie will try and get into the knickers of the teenaged, nubile female variant of these - usually finding out too late that they are the daughters of the RSM, SSM or Provo Sgt.

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