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PF-91 Twardy
Country Of Origin Poland
Designation Main Battle Tank
Configuration Tracked
Manufacturer: Zaklady Mechaniczne Bumar-Labedy
Crew: 3
Length 9.67 m
Width 3.59 m
Height 2.19 m
Weight 49.900 t
Speed 60 km/h
Range 650 km
Primary armament 1 x 125mm Gun
Secondary armament 1 x 7.62 mm MG
1 x 12.7mm AA MG
1 x 7.62 co-axial MG
24 Smoke Grenades
Power plant 850 BHP
Night Yes - InfraRed.

The PT-91 Twardy (Hand) is a further development of the Soviet T-72 series of Main Battle Tank, though produced in Poland.

The PT-91 features a 125mm main gun with an auto-reloading feature. The PT-91 is currently in service with the Polish Army and in production for the Malaysian military.