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Almost exclusively white, male, Late Entry Officers who run the admin and manage the civvy staff in your local TA Centre.

Well known for playing golf in army time, but hey, they've done 30+ years in the army (and don't they like to remind you of it) so consider Wednesday afternoons their 'sports' afternoons.

They range in calibre and involvement, but all prove the maxim that you can take the man out of the ranks, but not the ranks out of the man.

Also considered an elite amongst the Reserve forces, hand picked for their Scrooge-like approach to spending the Squadron funds, all are graduates of the Wee Jimmy Jock McPlop school of accounting, or so it would appear, ask any one who has tried to get some funding for decent raffle prizes at the sqn function!

The way they go on about MTDs, you would have thought that most genuinely believe that the MTD budget is directly tied to their pensions...

Yes it is personally painful for these people to spend your money on you!

Not only this, but as they have very little to do with actual soldiering, they operate in a manner that creates unnecessary complications and delays for the simplest of tasks or requests. They do this so that they can feel like they are getting their money's worth!

(Not that I`m bitter or anything)

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