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Personal Load Carrying Equipment

Soldiers need to carry ammunition, water, food and protective equipment. They use Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE), a tough, modular system of camouflaged belt, yoke and pouches.

  1. Every soldier has a Mk.6 Combat Helmet that delivers outstanding ballistic protection whilst allowing the soldier to still wear a respirator, ear defenders, a radio headset - or all three together.
  2. Where additional ballistic protection is required, soldiers are issued Enhanced Body Armour, which can be further reinforced with ceramic armour plates.

Also issued with PLCE are the interesting "Straps, utility" which may indeed be tough and modular, but no-one is exactly sure what they're for.

PLCE is particularly good for spotting certain elements of TA personnel from afar, as instead of the neat tight outline of a well put together set of PLCE, the figure in question will have a collection of modular things slapping wildly against his midriff - making it almost impossible to run and leading to vicious webbing burns.

Perhaps the most important advantage of PLCE over its predecessor ('58 pattern webbing) is that it doesn't shrink when wet. Every silver lining has a cloud of course, and many would argue that soldiers no longer benefit from the best aggression training exercises in the British Army, which had nothing to do with bayonets, and everything to do with trying to get a waterbottle out of a '58 pouch on a wet day.

PLCE Prototype?