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The information below refers to the TA Infantry Potential Junior NCO Cadre. This course is run at ITC Catterick several times throughout the year and occasionally a TA battalion will run an in-house one to the same specifications.

Saturday: WHT, PFT

Sunday: Lessons on duties of 2IC, Navigation assessment, block cleaning, general being fucked about.

Monday: More lessons on Nav, duties of 2IC, Shooting coaching etc.

Tuesday: CFT, Shooting coaching test on SATS range, Drill, being fucked about, Admin for ex, nav lessons.

Wednesday: Out into field, establish and rehearse SOPs for course, day nav ex. Admin fuckabout, night navex.

Thursday: Admin * about, mild tabbing based beasting, section attack lanes. Bigger beasting back to camp, weak candidates start to flag. Enter massive post ex admin vortex with angry shouty platoon sergeant. Marvel at the ability of course mong to loose PRR in 24hrs in field.

Friday: Locker and kit inspections, Drill, intro to orders process, incredibly boring lesson on "instilling and maintaining the desire to learn" (Discover Army has sense of irony)

Saturday: Notionally, day off. Instead, lessons on various 'odds and sods' like model making. Spend most of the day waiting for plt cmdr to get over hangover and write orders. Recieve plt cmdrs orders, extract and prep section orders for tomorrow.

Sunday: Frantic packing of kit. Help illiterate with orders. Explain concept of "2 up intent" 43 times to PJNCO with IQ of frog. Tell him not to worry and concentrate on counting magazines and dead people in the reorg. Pack kit for field. Spend 2 hrs waterproofing porn and inserting into e-nirex. Deliver section orders to section. Prep to deploy into field. All kit on, march to armoury. Plt Sgt realises forgot to tell armourer he was needed Sunday. Watch Plt Sgt and Lt have big fight about whether to go into the field without weapons and come back tomorrow for them. Spend extra night in bed. Plt Sgt now in bad mood for rest of course.

Monday: Get weapons from amused armourer. Tab into field. Watch the fat kid keel over carrying his full CEMO for over 200yds. Begin round of command appointments.

Tuesday-Thursday: Command appointments as sections. Much admin fuckaboutery. Much tactical fuckaboutery. Many casevac serials to test 'robustness'.

Thursday-Friday: Run out of cigarettes due to training screws constantly poncing them. Cry. Move to Plt ops, Plt Sgt now extra angry. Section mong decides to wear full Gore-Tex and softie for plt attack as its drizzling. Section mong collapses of heat exaustion on approach march. Revive him. Carry out attack. Go back for Section mong (Stafford, btw) who collapsed from heat exhaustion 50m from start line. Come under DF on re-org. Take casualty. Begin forced case-evac 2km back to aid post. Section mong collapses again. Casevac ex casualty AND section mong 1.8km back to aid post.

Early Friday: Top student appointed Plt Sgt. Real plt sgt leaves field as its raining and he's too old for this s***. All relax incl. plt cmdr. Carry out final attack, OC casevacs bloke who gets stabbed in the eye with a BFA.

Late Friday: Tab back to camp. Congratulated by screw. Find plt sgt lurking in office and enter a positive hell of post ex admin. Plt Sgt grumpy as A) armourer is still taking the urine. B) He's not got his full 8hrs the night before. The horror!

Saturday: Make bollox attempt at pass-out parade. Plt sgt cries into cheap lager at TA's inability to do drill. Jump in minibus and escape Catterick, never to return. Start worrying about Junior Brecon.

  • Be advised Infantry PJNCO is by no means an attendance course. You WILL have to demonstrate leadership and command potential. You WILL be pushed mentally and physically. I can't emphasise that last enough, start training! Many guys who are decent Rfn, just don't make the grade at PJNCO as they just lack the 'stuff' to lead a fire team.
  • Your admin has to be squared away big time.

Thanks to 303SMLE, RP578 and TBGB