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Overseas Aid

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It's aid Jim... but not as we know it. 'Overseas Aid' is the catch all term for what is tantamount to reparations for the evils of empire. Oddly enough, most of the former colonial masters (Portugal, France, Belgium and the Dutch) don't subscribe to this guilt complex in quite the same way as the British. So riven with guilt are we that we throw billions of beerchit's worth of 'aid' in to the bottomless pit that is (usually) Africa - all ably funded by Johnny Taxpayer of course.

So grateful are the recipients of this 'aid', they celebrate our generosity by splashing out on fleets of top-of-the-range Mercs, 4x4s and shopping trips to London and Paris. The 'aid' is supposed to go to the rebuilding of orphanages, drilling wells and teaching all the liddle children sound Christian values. Instead it goes to re-equipping Generalissimo Bongobongo Dada III's militia with shiny new AK47s and keeping his missus in bling and leopard-print shell suits. Money well spent!