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A classic case of OW

A common failing amongst Walts: telling a lie which is simply too big to withstand even the most cursory sceptical enquiry.

This can range from outrageous stories that defy belief, to wearing pantomime costume and more medals than a Soviet Admiral.

Proponents are invariably self-deluded fantasists, bipolar schizophrenics, terminal narcissists or simply insane - or a combination of the whole lot in a one-er!

They have no shame, dress sense or understanding of anything outside of their closed and bizarre little world. They are usually single, as there's not a woman on the planet that would allow some of these specimens out of the house dressed as a clown. All in all quite sad.

There is a very slim chance that some may well be genuine - albeit totally skull-fucked through trauma; but the vast majority will be bluffers and chancers - and not very able ones at that.

See Alan McIlwraith and James Shortt.