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Affectionately known as Oznatraz to legions of BAOR 'veterans', 'the Bruck' is a university city in North-Rhine Westphalia and was once the largest British garrison... in the world! It is widely know as the best Pad's posting in Germany.

With a great shopping area, pleasant suburbs and friendly natives, it's also close to Dutch border: ideal for trips to UK, due to the proximity of the Hook/Harwich ferry crossing and Munster/Osnabruck airport.

The old city walls include the Heger Tor, or Waterloo Gate, commemorating local regiments fighting under Wellington at Waterloo. Also Sedanstrasse - commemorating giving the Frogs a kicking. No wonder we Brits got on so well there.

Ideal haunts for the single soldier are Dreamers and NETWERKZ. Always good for a punch up.