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A process of conveying information and mission statements to the subordinates. Supposed to follow a standardised format for ease of understanding.

The Reality

This is often the process by which the Boss, who is knackered, has to listen to an hour and a half of complex information from the OC (who sleeps like a baby ten hours a day) whilst taking "notes". Said "notes" resemble the path taken by a pissed spider with a gammy leg across the page of his notebook. On getting back to his wagon he has to decode his unreadable scrawling before himself giving orders to his section commanders who are themselves knackered.

By the time The Blokes get their orders the original mission which stated

  • A Coy will advance and capture the bridge in order for the Battlegroup to push on and capture the Landing strip


  • 2 PL will be the bridge to the Battlegroup who have got a stripper'

and then we will all charge the guns at the end of the valley.