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Options For Change

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'Options for Change' was an exercise in cost-cutting which was all about cutting the size of the British Army whilst cutting the RAF down to size at the same time. Born of the Wall's fall, this policy cut a swathe of destruction through the British Army, with many famous regiments being amalgamated beyond recognition, e.g. Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire & Wiltshire Regiment (RGBW). Huh?

It also made a lot of people inconceivably rich, whilst leaving the dregs behind to promote into the gaps - dregs who were so pitifully thankful for the second chance they abandoned all their integrity and prostituted themselves to the Government, which is why our upper echelons are full of yes-men and our Army is a weak shadow of its former self.

A recent 'Options 2' has just revealed that an astonishing number of serving COs have elected to leave rather than 'soldier on', just proving the old adage that what goes around comes around; even our COs think the Army is going down the tubes, and that Neu Arbeit doesn't hold a monopoly on stupid ideas. The RGBW were briefly the RGBWLI and are now amalgamated beyond all recognition as The Rifles. You really couldn't make this up.

DCS 15 was the code name to revamp the Army Medical Services by closing all the Military Hospitals. Such as QEMH Woolwich, CMH Aldershot and DKMH Catterick. The BMHs in BAOR and Berlin also have their days numbered.