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Operations Officer

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See "CO's Brew Bitch". A Captain's job, typically after doing another job beforehand in the rank of Captain.

When G3 life gets quiet (i.e. not on exercise or operations), gets spammed with all of those odd jobs around RHQ. If you have neat handwriting, the Officers Mess minutes book and Cocktail Party invitations beckon...

In Regular battalions, will work with the Ops/Trg WO to organise the battalion's training; in TA battalions, will watch as the Training Major does all the work to justify their existence.

There isn't generally room in the CO's landrover for three bergens as well as three people, so make friends with the BG Int section - they have a trailer! It also has the advantage that you can bum lifts around the exercise area, find out what's going on, and get an up-to-date map.

Look on the bright side. Come a trip to CAST, you'll be the one actually writing Battlegroup orders while the CO thinks their "big picture" thoughts and waves a big hand at a small map while dreaming of being Guderian. You may find you have a surprising amount of input, but then who was Guderian's Ops Officer?

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