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Operational Intelligence Support Group

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An Operational Intelligence Support Group (OISG) is basically a 'gathering together' of extremely handsome and virile operators (if male) or stunningly gorgeous hot chicks with IQs that would challenge that of the Goddesses of Olympus themselves (if female).

All knowledge to be found on the crust of the Earth can be found within, but it is only accessible if armed with a natty little colourful pass and a suitably phrased question (known in some super-geeky circles as a PIR). Even possessing these arcane objects will not necessarily guarantee access: as with all the best things in life, if your name's not down, you're not coming in.

There is currently a whole load of to-ing and fro-ing going on about what exact shape and size the OISG could or should be, but basically you can rest assured that although this is an incredibly secret and mysterious beast, you will soon know if one has opened in a TFHQ near you as you will be swamped in Tim Horton's by bright looking types pretending to be discrete.

It goes without saying that one should always pretend to be one of Them when working in an OISG.

A combat indicator that an OISG is near by is the bang of dice followed by a sullen JNCO collecting more UHT as they make the brews (or wets if you like) for the whole OISG.