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Operation TOSCA

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Operation TOSCA has been ongoing for years, but - as with the rest of the army - has been drawing down for just about as long. For most a UN tour of the sunshine island of Cyprus would seem a very attractive proposition, but very few who come back from six months of patrolling the bleak and minefield-strewn Green Line - and standing in remote OPs saluting everything including helicopters passing by - would agree with you.

Despite the accomodation and patrol bases having been in use for the last thirty years, very little in the way of improvments or repairs have been (or are) carried out, as this would give the two opposing armies the signal that the UN had decided to make their presence 'permanent'.

Instead, the UN troops live in abject squalor (presumably Pablo Picasso was involved), such as the Ledra Palace Hotel, happy in the knowledge that they aren't offending the Greeks or the Turks.