Operation NIMROD

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During a sleepy morning on 30th April, 1980 a six-man terrorist team calling itself the 'Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan' took over the Iranian Embassy in Prince's Gate, London.

The 'siege' as it was to become known played out until day six when the terrorists decided to kill some poor bloke who didn't agree with the choice sandwiches that the terrorists had ordered (mountain goat and Branston on rye).

As soon as the death was confirmed, the Met police chief duly soiled himself and handed it over to the Army and Operation Nimrod was Launched, as should have happened six days previous.

The action by the them was swift accurate and deadly - well, at least for the terrorists, who as soon the first window charge went off, imitated the Met chief and duly soiled themselves just before having the crap blown out of them by black-clad figures destined to become known throughout the world as arse kickers.

To cut a short, explosive, story shorter, Operation Nimrod was a complete success with five of the six terrorists dead and the other in quite painful custody. The once unheard of regiment was now firmly in the public domain and gave rise to the national treasure that is the pub walt. Given the number of people claiming to be stood on the embassy balcony it would have to be the size of an aircraft carrier flight deck...

The Prime Minister of the time Margaret Thatcher, or Black Maggie/ Hatchet Thatcher, visited the SAS at Regent's Park Barracks with her husband Dennis, or Dennis the Pennis, who told them: 'You have served your country well, with honour and quick painful death, God bless you one and all' - to which gave a swift reply by one droopy moustached hero 'It was a good day out.' They all then disappeared via a flash bang, which knocked Dennis off his feet and caused him to soil himself.

Oh, and Cliff Thorburn won the World Snooker title by 18 frames to 16.