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Operation HERRICK

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Codename for ongoing shenanigans in Afghanistan.

More here: Operation Herrick

As at July 2009, Afghan conflict in numbers:

£12bn - Overall cost of Afghan campaign since 2001. Could have paid for 60,000 teachers, 77,000 nurses or 23 hospitals

400% - Increase in MoD spending on Afghanistan, 2006/07 to 2009/10

30,000 - Estimate of the number of Afghan civilians killed as a result of the conflict

357 - UK service personnel killed in Afghanistan since 2001 as of February 2011.

150% - Increase in Afghan opium production, 2001-07

£100 - Average weekly war pension entitlement of widow/widower

4m - Bullets fired by UK forces in Helmand, Aug 2006-Sept 2007

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