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  • An operation is a bit like an exercise, but with with real bullets and opponents who want to kill you (not just steal your kit). Operations usually last longer than exercises, and are seldom within easy range of an off license or chip shop. Often they will be in places where British Army kit does not work well due to poor supply, MOD stupidity in procurement or rampant cost cutting by suppliers.

  • Something that old people boast about to each other whilst at the bingo i.e. "I remember back when I had my hip replaced". This may be countered by "Yes, but that can't be half as bad as when I had my double bypass, and lung transplant" One Upmanship should continue until someone has their brain transplanted then all can say and you try and tell that to young people today!

  • Seminal game from the late 70's/80's where children were given a comic 'body' and had to remove various body parts using tweezers. If the tweezers touched any part of the 'body' other than the part to be removed, the patients nose flashed and a buzzer sounded thus indicating death. Says a lot when this kiddies game has a better methodology than the NHS's current approach to surgery.
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