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Open Day Ideas

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Open Days can be good and bad affairs. A good Open day will result in loads of Recruits showing up for the next Selection Weekend, while a bad one will result in a granny turning up thinking it's a jumble sale (true story, don't ask).

Use this page for ideas which worked, ideas which didn't and ways of making people aware of the event.

Things That Worked Well

  • Stands which people could take part in: Knocking Skittles over with a crane, 2 Radio Dets with working radios, etc.
  • Food Laid on (as long as it's edible).
  • Weapons always attract people.
  • A good location. Being in the Town Centre on a Saturday will make people see you, even if they're not interested. Make sure you issue extra patience to the lads though. Lifting kids in and out of a DROPS all day will make anyone mad.
  • Throw a party afterwards (reward for the lads) and invite the, serious, potential recruits along to show them the social side of the TA (make sure you look after them on the night though).

Things which Didn't Work

  • Static Displays of loads of Clothing, with the fat bloke from the QMs Dept answering questions.
  • Everyone being at the TAC with the gate open.
  • Un-serviceable Kit. It dosen't set a good example if the radios don't work, the door falls off of the DROPS, etc.
  • Blokes not looking the part. If the lads are just there for an easy days pay, tell them not to bother/jobs behind the scenes.

Ways to advertise

  • Local Radio.
  • Local Paper.
  • Via Arrse.
  • Combine it with a car boot sale at the TAC.