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On The Bus, Off The Bus

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The art of spending much time waiting for coaches booked for wrong time - only to then spend even longer bouncing from one to another and back again whilst deciding which is yours, then realising there aren't enough seats anyway.

The side effect of military planning. Once given the order to get on the bus, someone higher up than you will decide you actually need to get off the bus. This is repeated at random intervals, you may get dizzy from all the on/off the bus action.

The full version is of course, "On the bus, off the bus, hurry up and wait..." I know - about as amusing as actually being there and suffering it :(

If this were an Olympic sport, OTC's would undoubtedly snatch a gold.

Also connected to "Has everyone got their webbing? Good, you won't need it today" Hours of endless entertainment spent sitting on your webbing and watching moustachioed blokes teaching you how to find mines with your frog.

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