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Hot, damn hot. Hotter than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. Sand and then some. Camel Spiders. Avoid Camel Curry.

A place to find Contract Nurses, Female obviously.
Jebel Akhdar
22 SAS had a mega punch up here with the Adoo.
Thamarit/Thumrait (Dhofar)
Nice little swimming pool here tucked out of sight, worth hunting down.
Mirbat (Dhofar)
22 SAS you've guessed it, they had a punch up here with the Adoo...again.
Its got a KFC,

err, and thats about it.

Miles from nowhere, some wriggly tin shacks. The saving grace is a trough of fresh(ish) water.

Bottersville east. The Sheikh of Oman alledgedly keeps a Harem of tight and taut young fellows, and apparently the entire adult male population follows his example by playing the pink oboe at every opportunity. (Now thats leadership: they don't teach that at Sandhurst, try as they may.. though it is interesting to point out that the Sultan is a graduate of Sandhurst) "A wife for duty, a boy for pleasure, and a watermelon for ecstasy".


Top tip....Don't eat watermelons that have a suspicious hole in one end.