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Officer Cadet

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Officer Cadet


The OCdt in Brief

Something to be found in one of three places, however the title is only earnt in two of them. The first is the CC at RMAS. Second in various TA Units across the country under the newish TAPO/DEPO (for Abacus) system. Lastly the the UOTC who have their own page anyway.

The Regular OCdt

Firstly the Regular OCdt. Having done their AOSB these will be the new young thrusters of the Army's officer corps once they join the ranks of RMAS. I shall leave any less flattering viewpoints to someone who did the course.

The TA OCdt

Now the TA Ocdts. An eclectic mix ranging from those who joined the TA straight into the Officer training program to those who've been in lots of years. No matter which side of the spectrum they come from they all look just as confused when the 7 questions are roled out with the immortal question "so what?".

The training is run by various Bdes' RTC or BSTT as no one can afford to take months off work to train at RMAS, bar the students but no one listens to them, and RMAS probably didn't want them to be a scourge upon them any longer than a PQO is.

This training is then split into 5 modules. Module 1 is the equivilant to a soldiers CSMR with a few extra hours tacked on each day of mental and or physical activities as "you want to be officers so it's character building".

Module 2 is the meat of the training with everything from section level tactics, aka the art of finding yourself in the killing ground, to platoon level tactics, aka sending people into the killing ground. Having learnt how to do effects schematics, how to use your TAM and how to look busy so the DS don't try to keep you longer than 5pm on a Sunday, you progress to Module 3.

Module 3- A 9 day 'character building' course thinly disguised as 'revision and confirmation'. Always rains, in true army fashion, the radios tend to not work, again in army fashion, and getting lost happens a lot, well you get the idea. Consists of recce patrols, perhaps a fighting patrol, deliberate attacks, lots of advance to contacts and if you're really lucky some OBUA. It isn't all gloom though, in the first three days there is true revision, mixed with mind numbing NBC and a CFT and a BPFA.

Module 4- RMAS, held in May, July and September. A three week course that will determine if you have what it takes to be an officer. Apparently it used to be an attendance course with fat signalwomen making it through whilst doing a BPFA in the medics' landie. Now there is no revision week and a lot more time in the field, people who fail the BPFA are sent home and even the RLC must make an effort to pass.

As a side note when passing out of RMAS it is said that this will now be done in RMAS blues.

Module 5- Post commissioning training. Supposedly 5 weekends where the newly commissioned subaltern is taught how to actually be an officer now that they can forget all about the 7 questions until JOTAC. Rumoured to be run very few times a year by very few bdes.

So there in a nutshell is the progression of an Ocdt in the Army.