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A Work In Progress

ARRSE's very own oracle of information, owner of more sheds than any other user who regularly holidays in Fourteenerife.

Formerly Drivers Lag and Drivers Log prior to that - along with a couple of sockpuppet accounts that appear shortly after his usual Offendi guise is smited by his #1 Fan, The_Duke, for pissing about in the Recruiting Forums.

It may be Da Dook's jealousy playing a part here, because you mention any minor celebrity from the past 30 years and he can ring someone with intimate knowledge of them and a couple of anecdotes to top it (c) Steven Seagull 2016 who goes on to say:

"O'Tropper is at his best though in the recruitment forums though. 5 minutes as a STAB more than 20 years ago makes him think potential recruits require his advice on fitness despite him looking like a rare, bald, albino rat that you'd find in a Latin American cave system. He pinballs about like a spastic wasp in a beer garden until The Duke spots him and administers a rolled up newspaper to his pale, blotchy face"

Jarrod even created a special thread for ARRSE members to tap off the Oracle's knowledge which can be viewed here:[1]Offendi Mastermind

In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of everything that ever was, is or will be, Offendi is a business guru of huge standing. He quickly identified Donald Trump as a shit businessman despite his net worth of some $7bn. According to the vast wisdom of Guru Offendi, Donald Trump is no Lord Sugar. Then himself being an international producer of porn he was found in a video to be getting booted in the knackers by a huge old unit, the size of an industrial fridge. Here is the oracle warn to us of the Brown rice manufacturing problem In a totally fair election based on nominations and secret tip-offs from moderators the SPOTY committee were pleased to announce him the winner for 2016, the fucking cock.

Known Usernames

  • Drivers log
  • Drivers_lag
  • Offendi
  • Momba Womba