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TLA for Operational Staff Work.

The British Army has an endless fascination on the worthless detail of OSW over the actual content. As much time is spent aligning borders and using the correct graphics as worrying about whether the content was correct.

Why? Because all staff training is focused on the generation of 'product' in the form of OSW and you lose marks if your margins are the wrong size.

Don't believe me? See here

A personal View...

cpunk: Of course, we're all told that 'doctrine is a handrail to guide us, not a straitjacket' but the ability to think outside the box is never tested and, at the same time, marks lost for putting the wrong indent on a sub-paragraph or using the wrong-sized typeface can mean the difference between a top-third and middle-third finish. It would appear our training culture hasn't really changed much since the mid-80s