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Nutty bag

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Glorious invention

When breaking down your rations at the start of an Ex/Op, remove from your rat pack:

If on an Ex/Op where you have been issued more than one rat pack, then put in as many of the first two items as you have. Remove the contents of the brew kit and put it in another bag, i.e. the brew kit bag from another rat pack (you can fit two days worth in one bag); break up the Yorkies and remove boilies from bag; add all contents to the brew kit bag, place in chest zip pocket and munch away.

Excellent for providing vital fuel on tabs etc. and helps to make stags pass quicker.

Optional extras

1. Some like to add Biscuits Brown/fruit/oatmeal block to the back. however when the chocolate melts a little bit from your body heat it can fuse with the biccies to form a brand new snack, some like this, some don't.

2. Add a packet of Moralibo for that extra zing.