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A Norwegian, or Norgie, (also known occasionally as a Swedish) is a thermal container which is used for everything from tea to Range Stew to gristle and gravy pies. It is ellipsoid in shape and is specially designed to lay on the back of a Four Tonner and to dispense its contents all down your front. It has two spouts which most nigs were taught was for hot and cold items or tea - with or without sugar. These cost an unbelievable £277 each.

Nobody admits to knowing why they have Scandinavian names, though it's probably due to Scandinavia being cold. It superseded the Haybox, which was the cause of more hernias in squaddies than anything except track plates.

Also a shirt - also ellipsoid in shape (when worn over my body anyway) which is now part of CS95 but in the good old days had to be obtained by private purchase.

Source of endless amusement to ACF on camp, when the AI says 'shit, we left the norgy in the tent' and some bright young cadet pipes up 'there's an orgy in the tent?' 'yeah, we'll have to go back there now' 'awesome...'