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Northern Rock

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Customers queue to steal their money back from The Broon

A one time building society which converted into a bank, took terrible risks on the money markets and subsequently required to be bailed out by the taxpayer to the sum of 100 BILLION pounds... that £3500 for each of us!

Now far be it for me, a mere taxpayer to point out that Labour didn't bother to bail out many many viable companies which WEREN'T in the Neu Arbeit heartland. That labour has just bailed out each employee to the sum of 15 million pounds and it took them 5 months to nationalise the company when many analysts were saying that the Govt had 2 choices :- Let them go under OR nationalise on day 1 of this mess.

No, in Labour's own special way it payed 100 million pounds to city analysts over that 5 months. Who ultimately told them to nationalise. Nationalise after ALL the value had leeched out of the company. Who says the government cant get value for money? ... apart from all of us that is?

Now it seems that £40 billion of the much vaunted mortgage book is hidden in a tax haven and untouchable by the government AND it must be added to else it could mean a breach of contract and so COST the UK taxpayer £5 billion! The ex-shareholders are suing, theres rumours of more problems in the banking sector, all of the debt limits the Treasury set themselves are busted wide open and Gordon Brown has no answers to any of his detractors ... It just gets worse and worse for Broon.