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North West Frontier

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The North West Frontier was the name given to Afganistan when it was the Northern most edge of the British Empire. It was and still is a bleak wind swept place occupied by wild and dangerous tribsmen. (only real difference is they've traded in their muskets for AK-47's and RPG's)

One of the few places (pre-WW2) that the British Army has been on the wrong end of a shoeing on a semi-regular basis. Eventually strategy was changed from putting an infantry column into the hills on patrol (sniped to death) to bombing the buggers villages with airpower and then slip them a tenner and a goat to be quiet for a month or two. Worryingly UK troops are being sent back by our Tone who seems to be oblivious to history (appart from his desire to be in it) since the infantry will be doing the patrols rather than the RAF bombing their villages from the air like the spams do.

Note: status in Afganistan seems to be based on your weapon of choice. If you have a pistol you are either a warlord with serious backup or you are gay. An AK47 makes you acceptable, a RPG makes you hardcore and a pickup with a 20mm makes you pure deid mental man! LMG's are somewhere between AK47's and RPG's and if you've got a T55/T64/T72, you've got a Hellfire ATM coming your way.