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Norman Lamont

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Baron Norman de Whiplash

Former Tory MP best known as Chancellor of the Exchequer (1990-1993). Lamont served under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major for fourteen years, in the Departments of Energy, Industry, Defence and the Treasury. Unlike the plethora of lawyers that infest the current regime, Lamont's trade was in finance, and he was thus better qualified than many of his successors.

During 1992 Lamont was lampooned in the press for 'allegedly' using taxpayers' money to evict a sex therapist 'Miss Whiplash' from a property he owned. Whilst there was no suggestion of impropriety with the lady, it would undoubtedly have made a better story had he actually been kicking her Back Doors in. Lamont thus has the dubious accolade of being one of the few politicians not to have been involved in a sex scandal.

Once the 'butt' of a joke on pre-watershed, national TV involving Julian Clary and being fisted in a car park. Made me laugh!

A staunch Euro-sceptic, in 1995 he penned the ridiculously optimistic Sovereign Britain in which he envisaged Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. No such luck unfortunately.

Now Baron Lamont of Lerwick, Norman lives in the Shetland Islands (his place of birth) and spends his time playing the bagpipes, distilling whiskey, herding sheep, getting hammered and fishing... probably.