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Norfolk is a large flat barren county in the East of England (or East Anglia as the area is also known hence the regiment of that name). Those considering visiting Norfolk should not bother. The single good thing about Norfolk is that it is the home county of Nelson, who of course beat the Frogs in the days when they put up a fight before the white flag was raised.

Alternatively, Norfolk's wild uncompromising beauty is a veritable magnet for those wishing to escape the grind of everyday life, and a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads is something that everyone should have a go at at least once. Me? I'm a fan of the county - and so is Auntie Betty, 'cause she's got (another) big house there, so it can't be that bad.

The locals are like most locals difficult to understand and often suspicious. Word is you will be treated as a newcomer for the first 20 years if you settle there.

During the last big show, it was home to lots and lots of planes courtesy of the Yanks to add to the large number already there courtesy of the RAF