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Non Issue Kit

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Non-issue means either not on general issue within the armed forces or, in particular, not on issue to the individual big-timing it around camp - such as SAS Smocks, Para Smocks and lids.

In the days before CS95 the amount of non-issue kit one could get away with wearing/carrying indicated (to the observer) that the wearer/carrier was either 'well ally', one of THEM, or a walty cnut with far too much surplus beer money to spend on Gucci items. Some quite outrageous kit combinations could be experimented with.

These days, it's likely that most of the kit a soldier will be carrying or wearing will be issued - due to the relative quality of modern materials compared to their predecessors, though there will undoubtedly be non-issue items secreted away in the bergen to make life that little more comfortable. Such items might include:

  • Softees & Snugpaks
  • Boots - Different
  • Smock - Gucci
  • Multi-tools
  • Head torches
  • Oakleys
  • iPods
  • Laptops
  • Jazz mags

Non-issue kit can also be extended to stuff that was issued at some point in the 20th Century and is no longer 'current'. As most clothing in the latter part of the aforementioned century is of the DPM variety, it is surprisingly mix-and-match-able with the content of today's 1157.

The results can be somewhat 'imaginative' and some unlikely items have come back in to vogue - notably '68 pattern trousers and 'old school' trops. The kit will be virtually indiscernible at any distance, but closer inspection may yield some unpleasant comments to the wearer at steadily increasing volume.