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Non-Kinetic Strike

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A non-kinetic strike is the new trendy buzzword for a tactical psyop. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is being thrown around brigade and divisional HQs like a tennis ball, particularly by Royal Artillery officers, it is deeply and dangerously misleading. In the first place, the actual effect in most artillery strikes is derived from chemical rather than kinetic energy, but more importantly, its use misleads Staff Officers and commanders into thinking that throwing together a quick psyop is actually going to have any effect at all. Under certain circumstances they might, but the reality is that some clueless Gunner CO in a Bde HQ is not in a position to judge whether it will or not.

Why exactly Gunners are employed to perform such activities despite their complete lack of training in such things is a mystery to us all. Mind you, it never stopped them with UAVs.