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Newkie Broon

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Beloved of Geordies. What one, "Gans doon the booza," for.

A bottled beer from Newcastle (or possibly Manchester, these days) usually taken as a safe bet when others on offer appear strange and exotic, or, are just, "Southern," and therefore lacking in manliness.

Alternatively known by the cognescenti as, "Jawnay inter Spayus," or, "Nuclear Broon."

Very easy to order. A cry of,"Broon aroon'," will be enough to ensure you and your quaffing companions are adequately supplied.

If one has the temerity to wear a jacket, gloves or hat in the environs of Newcastle in temperatures of around zero degrees, ten bottles, or so, of the stuff drunk in an ostentatious manner (i.e. shouting, "A-reet?" and "Hoozit gannen?") should ensure one is not mistaken for a native of Surrey.

It is not a great favourite of, "Wor Lass," who is frequently the victim of the fallout.

In actual fact, the correct method of ordering this beverage isn't "broon aroon'", which may well mark you out as a shandy-drinking southern softy trying to look hard - "bottle o dog, pet" is the correct way to address a barman of the feminine persuasion, whereas "bonny lad" should be substituted for barmen of the testiculed persuasion, regardless of whether they are, in fact, bonny or not!

The factory is also in Gateshead now, it moved there in 2006 or 2007...